Worldwide Shares Outstanding

The Worldwide Shares Outstanding service covers the number of shares outstanding, as reported for capital securities on a company’s balance sheet. Coverage includes more than 175 exchanges on over 115 countries.

Announcements are directly sourced from exchanges and company websites, as soon as the official company has made them available.

Our database is updated as figures have been made available by the official source. The frequency of updates varies based on market and ranges from daily to annually.

Events covered

These include:

  • Official Shares Outstanding - The actual official shares outstanding values, as reported by the official source.

  • Daily-Adjusted Shares Outstanding - Shares outstanding values, adjusted to reflect corporate action events having a significant impact on the number of shares outstanding, including Bonus, Bonus Rights, Buybacks, Capital Reductions, Consolidations, Conversions, Demergers, Divestments, Entitlements, Redemptions, Rights and Sub-divisions.

Key Event Data points per security

Key identifiers, including, but not limited to, Multiple Global IDs, Exchange and Ticker, Issuer Name, Country of Incorporation, Instrument Type, Listing Status and Security Description

Key event-specific values, including but not limited to, Event type, Old number of shares, New number of shares, Effective Date, Textual comments/Notes

Source exchanges

Events are directly sourced from official company websites and exchanges in every continent. You have access to every major exchange and all other trading points in the following zones:

  • Asia

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • North America

  • Latin America and Caribbean