Adjustment Factors Data

Exchange Data International’s Adjustment Factors Data, compliments the End of Day Pricing Data. It utilizes corporate action events in order to adjust pricing and normalize both the current and historical content set. Adjustment factors are also critical in creating multiple ratios, yields and other analytical level data points. They facilitate the ability for clients to incorporate the adjusted content presentation within their portfolio platforms and tools, essential for portfolio creation, monitoring and performance analysis.

The content set also covers all corporate actions spanning multiple currencies for the same event.

Coverage equals to end of day pricing content and spans more than 166 exchanges for over 131 countries. Securities covered include Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, US Mutual Funds, Listed Bonds and Listed Indices.

Pricing is directly sourced from exchanges, as soon as they have been made available and confirmed by our analysts. Adjustment Factors are derived daily as they are applicable.

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Key Event Data points per security

Key identifiers – An International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and securities reference data, including, but not limited to; country, security, event and factor.

Source exchanges

Events are directly sourced from exchanges in every continent. You have access to every major exchange in the following zones:

  • Asia

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • North America

  • Latin America and Caribbean

Note: Redistribution License required for Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange.