Securities Reference Data

The need for fast, accurate, timely, and cost effective reference data is more important than ever in today’s global financial markets to:

  • Mitigate exposure to risk

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Key features and benefits

With Exchange Data International’s security reference file investors and analysts alike can:

  • Get up-to-date information on all equities, warrants, fixed income instruments and many other types of securities traded on global exchanges.

  • Easily identify the majority of listed securities along with associated standing data.

  • Select reference data from over 40 fields including:

  • Company
    Issuer name, industry ID, country of incorporation.

  • Security
    ISIN, US Code, SEDOL, security description, status, primary exchange, currency par value, issue price, paid up value, voting rights, shares outstanding, Bloomberg Identifiers.

  • Exchange/Market
    Listing date, listing status, MIC, exchange name, country, local code (ticker),minimum trading quantity, market segment.

  • Easily crosscheck data provided and make well-informed decisions by making use of four Bloomberg identifiers.

  • Make quick and accurate reference checks. The security reference file provides details on all name changes, additions and deletions that occur to any stock.

  • Classify securities by GICS industry sector codes so that they can better:

  • Design and carry out portfolio strategies

  • Evaluate industries and define regional and global trends

  • Identify high-potential niches.

  • And above all make informed decisions.

The security reference file, like all Exchange Data International services, is available for internal and redistribution use.