Derivatives Reference Data

Exchange Data International’s Derivatives Reference Data, covers exchange traded futures and options, where the underlying asset is either an equity security or an index.

Easily determine the underlying asset on which the derivatives price is based.

Use Derivatives Reference Data to identify any specific derivative contract in our extensive database.

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Key Event Data points per security

Key identifiers – Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGI), Bloomberg Global ID, and securities reference data, including, but not limited to; Root Code, Aii, OSI Symbol, Security Description, Underlying Instrument Details, Contract ID Size and Exercise Style in addition to critical detail fields for options and futures contracts.

With respect to the underlying asset on which the derivative’s price is based, included is; Multiple security IDs, Security Description, Ticker Symbol and Primary Exchange.


Events are directly sourced from Issuers in every continent and in the following zones:

  • Asia

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • North America

  • Latin America and Caribbean