Worldwide Equity Analytics

Exchange Data International’s Worldwide Equity Analytics contains analytical level content, critical for portfolio creation and maintenance. Analytical content, derived from a combination of pricing, reference, corporate actions and related fundamental data, coupled with EDI’s expertise, produces new and value added content. These benchmarks, crucial for analysis of stock performance, facilitates the comparison to other securities for a desired return and the maintenance of a client’s overall portfolio, as market conditions change.

Our database is updated throughout the day and varies based on market and time zone.

Events covered

These include but are not limited to:

  • Key Stock Statistics

  • Ratios

  • Expanded Ratio Analysis

  • Volatility

  • Performance

  • Risk

  • Key Closing Price Details

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Key Event Data points per security

Key identifiers – Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGI) and securities reference data, including, but not limited to, multiple security identifiers, CFI code, industry classification, security type and ticker symbol.

Key event-specific values, including, but not limited to, Issuer Market Capitalization, Key per share statistics, 1 and 5 year dividend growth rates, various yields, 12 & 60 months Alpha, Beta, R-squared and Sharpe ratios, Current and historical average daily volume, 90 day volatility, Benchmark securities, 1, 5 and 10 year Benchmark, Stock and Comparative Returns and Value at risk over 1 year (99% and 95% confidence).


Events are derived from direct Issuer and Exchange sources, coupled with EDI’s expertise. Coverage spans every continent and in the following zones:

  • Asia

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • North America

  • Latin America and Caribbean

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Note: Redistribution License required for Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange.