1. Are the API resultant outputs structured in the same format as the SFTP?
  2. The contents are identical. However, the structure may differ in some products such as WCA.

  1. If not, has API Documentation been changed to reflect the API output format?
  2. Yes, In developer portal we are maintaining the format for each product.

  1. I am still on trial subscriptions, any reason why this has not been amended from the agreed conversation last time?
  2. Currently for trial subscription we are maintaining the backend. We are planning in future sprints to include this feature in fully automated way.

  1. Understand we get charged for every API request dependent on the product, whether it is a trial/licenced user? What products does this relate to?
  2. We suggest end user to user production license.

  1. Understand WFI is being added - will this replicate the SFTP output format?
  2. NO. API format may be a consolidated version of the content available via SFTP. API documentation will be found in developer portal.

  1. Does the API get fully tested before products/updates are rolled-out? Can you explain this process?
  2. we do testing the API or backend system but since the data will be present in millions of records cant be validated each rows.

  1. Unlike the SFTP which is pushed, how does the end-user know when the new file/data is ready to be pulled via the API? Is there a status alert that can be added?
  2. For API will be incrementing in batches. If user needs to know when the complete sets are ready, then need some analysis for each API and can update in developer portal accordingly.

  1. E.g. for WCA increment 0 between 5am-7am GMT, does the client need to run a cron job every minute until the new data is ready to be accessed?
  2. What is the best way to do this? - The best way is that the client can access at 7am GST as per the example. If they needs early they have to try multiple times periodically.

  1. To enable a licensed user, is the same process of enabling a licensed user in place (raise ticket in FS with user email address and product and wait for reply)?
  2. Upon registration the Prod License key will be enabled from day 1. We request users to use the production key when they integrate or start consuming through application.

  1. From the previous call via Meet with Suresh, there was going to be a time limit on API access (like we have with the Web Portal start/end date) - has this been enabled yet? Or in theory an open trial until told to stop?
  2. This feature yet to incorporated in API.

  1. Apart from the 1,000 line limit within each request, are there any other restrictions within the Playground environment per product?
  2. In UI user will be seeing only 20 records and can view 1000 records after downloading it.

  1. Is there a facility in place to cope with the increased spike in usage at popular times during the day? Is this service hosted in a Cloud or onsite at KT?
  2. Our API is deployed with latest technical environment which is in GCP which it has the feature to handle spike on popular times.